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Inter Library Loan


A university library can afford to purchase only a small fraction of all the books and periodicals, which are published.  However researchers and others often need access to wider resources. Inter-library Loan systems and networks are therefore very important for serving the needs of teaching, learning and research. The University of Bahrain Library participates fully in these networks for the benefit of the UOB community.


The procedure to follow:


  • Please check first that the book or article you need is not already available in any of the University of Bahrain libraries.
  • If not available locally, you may complete an Inter-Library Loan request form and hand it to a library staff member. Please complete the form fully and legibly.
  • If the reference is incomplete, please ask a library staff to assist you.
  • An electronic form is also available on the library’s site on the Internet.


Sources for Inter-Library Loan:


  • For articles, books and reports: The British Library Document Supply Centre (UK). It usually takes 1-3 weeks to receive items.
  • We also borrow from (and lend to) libraries in Bahrain and other GCC countries.




Members of the University may use the Inter-Library Loan Service as follows:


Member of University Staff

Up to 25 requests per annum

Graduate and Research Students

Up to 10 requests per annum

Undergraduate Students (To support project assignments)

On recommendation of a Head of Department or the Director of Libraries


Please Note:


  1. Incomplete or illegible request forms will be returned to the requester.
  2. The requester may retain periodical articles received from the British Library.  But books and other original items must be returned to UOB Library by the due date. All materials may be used for the sole purposes of teaching and research.
  3. The Director of Library and Information Services reserves the right:
  • To require valuable or unique items to be used only in the Library.
  • To refuse further loans to any user who fails to return items on time or who otherwise abuses the service.
  • To purchase items for the Library stock instead of borrowing from another Library.