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Borrowing of Books

Borrowing Privileges

University of Bahrain students, faculty and staff possessing a valid ID are entitled to borrow library material upon presentation of the card.  Individuals who do not fall into the above categories may contact the library should they wish to use the resources.


Checking Point

Library material may be borrowed by using the self-check machines or by contacting library staff at the Circulation Desk near the Library entrance.


Checking out materials

All regular books can be checked out except REFERENCE books, PERIODICALS, and SPECIAL COLLECTIONS.


Loan Period

Borrowers’ classification and loan Period for the maximum number of books:

Students: 5 books for 4 weeks

Post-graduate students: 10 books for 4 weeks

Faculty members & Staff: 25 books for one semester



Users can renew borrowed items by using the online system or via the self-check machines or the mobile telephone ‘Bookmyne’ App, or by bringing the item(s) to the Circulation Desk.



The Library may recall books or other materials before the end of the loan period if another library user requires such materials.



Any borrower may request the Library to place a “hold” on an item, which is in circulation.  The Library will then inform the requester when the book or item is available: it must then be picked up within five working days.


Reserve Books

Reserve books are restricted for the use of UOB students only. Reserve books are those, which are taken out of regular circulation because of high demand and placed at the Reserve Desk in the Library.  Reserve books will circulate only two hours to a person within the Library, and may circulate overnight one-half hour before the Library closes. These books are due within the first half-hour of the next day the Library is open.


Overdue Notices

Reminders are sent automatically by the system e-mail before the due date to save borrowers from incurring large fines for late returns. However, it is the borrower’s responsibility to return books on time and to ensure that their email address in the library system is kept up-to-date.


Overdue Charges

Books: There will be a charge for overdue book(s) of (50 fils) per book per day (Sun-Thu).


Reserve Book(s): There will be a charge for overdue book(s) of (100 fils) per hour.


Lost Material Charge

If an item is lost, the Library should be contacted immediately.  The following will be charged for lost items:


Option 1:  The user can replace the lost item with an identical copy within 2 weeks.


Option 2:  If the user is unable to replace the lost item, then the following will be charged:

-       The retail price of the book.

-       BD 5.000 for processing and administrative costs.


Suspension of Borrowing Privileges

Borrowing privileges will be suspended for failure to return or renew library material on time, failure to return recalled items, and / or failure to pay overdue charges.


Damage to Library Materials

Books and other items held in the library are the property of the University of Bahrain. Instances of damage to material or ripping-of pages from the books will be handled through the appropriate legal authorities at the University.  


For enquiries or more information please contact:

– Central library: 17 43 8010

-  Engineering Library in Isa Town: 17 87 6937

-  Science & IT Library: 17 43 7883

-  Law library: 17 43 7531, 17 43 7521

-  Health Sciences Library in Salmaniya: 17 28 5216

-  BTC Library: 17 43 7354